Gatherings | Workshop: Hand-building Pottery by Studio Asobi


1.5 hours
9 March, Sat, 2pm - 3.30pm

Venue: The Working Capitol, The Pantry

Go back in time and craft your own pasoh (pottery) with your bare hands!

At Studio Asobi, we believe that every human being has an innate capacity to create. Be it a doodle or a fresco; a ditty or a symphony; a Plasticine animal or a marble statue – we receive satisfaction when we make something. But living in the midst of this bustling urban jungle, it can be difficult to find the space for our creative selves to emerge. Hence, we would like to invite you to come and unplug from busyness to connect with your inner creative spirit. As we invest time and energy to creating something that we would use on a daily basis, we learn not only a craft, but it also changes our perspectives in how we relate to things that we use. Come and get acquainted with the basics of pottery and create your very own functional ware using the hand-building technique.

All materials will be provided.
Suitable for anyone above the age of 7; no prior experience required.

To note: Limited to 16 pax per session. Pottery making involves 2 rounds of firing before it can be a functional piece, and hence attendees would need to wait 3-4 weeks before the item can be collected from our home studio.


About Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi was established in 2014 and managed by husband and wife co-founders Kenneth Lau and Lee Huiwen. It was conceived with the studio philosophy of integrating handmade aesthetics with daily life, spiritual development and social activism. Not fettered by a specific house-style, the studio has nonetheless produced bodies of work that demonstrate a certain aesthetic coherence and resolve. Their pieces are poetic, thoughtful and often disarming - marked by evocative form, subtle glaze and eloquence of line.

A former graduate of the Singapore Management University, Lee was initiated into ceramics while working in real estate. She honed her techniques in 2014, in the mecca of ceramics - Tajimi Japan, under veteran ceramist Shibata Setsuro. Lau, a trained architect from Cornell University, had been introduced to pottery in his teenage years and revisited the art form in later years. Recent initiatives have expanded the borders of their pottery into the realm of contemporary installations, bringing to the fore Lee’s poetic disposition and Lau’s architect’s sensibility. I Feel the Clouds Singing and Dancing 2016 comprised over 4000 handmade ceramic pieces installed with pliant rattan rods – creating a sense of an immersive field of tiny, stirring ‘clouds’. Commissioned for SingaPlural, the work explored the interactive, kinetic, sonic and expressive qualities of ceramic.
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Sat Mar 9, 2019
11:00 AM - 3:30 PM SGT
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